A unique data set combining public sources and commercial reports enabling a more nuanced and complete picture of the market.

  • Fixtures
    Get the inside scoop on tanker fixtures! We deliver crucial information on shipments, such as cargo type and quantity, loading dates, vessel details, and more!
  • Congestion
    Explore all trips since 2014 in a concise table. Get key details like departure date, arrival date, intake, draft, distance, steaming speed, and more. Voyage details presented in a tabular format for easy statistical analysis.
  • Correlation speed and bunker consumptions
    Do you want to know the speed of ships? What are the shipowners doing about it? Is there a correlation with fuel prices and / or market levels?
  • Fleet optimization & laden / ballast speed average.
    Compare steaming speeds when loaded or not and duration, analyse fleet and vessel optimization. Correlate with external market events for better insights.


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