Easily access all ship travel information for different regions, areas, economic zones, ports, and terminals at a glance.

  • Flows Overview
    Get an instant overview of vital stats from 2014 onwards with Flows Overview. Discover yearly voyage count, number of ships used and cargoes transported all at a glance. Easily track trade flows, and identify trends through interactive charts and maps. This feature offers historical data on voyages, vessels, and cargo flows per calendar year since 2014.
  • Voyages Focus
    Discover cargo source and destination details with Voyages Focus. Dive deep from region to port, exploring voyages and intake by fleet, vessel size or operator. Gain a complete understanding of cargo movements through our diagrams – all in a single view!
  • One Trip Focus
    View itinerary and stops for a detailed understanding of a specific trip.
  • Load & Discharge Focus
    Effortlessly compare and visualize the leading importing and exporting ports or economic zones.

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Uncover cargo sourcing and destination details with Voyages Focus!

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