From Acquisition to Launch: The Journey of Precise


This venture truly began in December 2023 when Riverlake acquired Precise. During 2022 and 2023, Riverlake served as an incubator for Precise.

Before being able to launch Precise,  two years of development was made. This was thank to a substantial financial backing from Innosuisse, the Swiss Federal Innovation Agency, to develop our data-driven business model.

This partnership has given us access to a wealth of highly skilled professionals in-house, as well as top-notch support from leading universities such as EPFL Lausanne and HEG Geneva. We brought together a team of specialists from the transport industry, the commodity industry, and artificial intelligence.

Precise was founded based on a deep understanding of market needs. As experts, we recognized what was required and we aimed to offer unparalleled data quality and transparency on commodity flows through user-friendly dashboards.

Precise is now soaring on its own wings. After receiving a boost at the start, it is now on its way.

In may 2024, our product was launched with its first demos.